About Us

The group previously known as the Architectural and Structural Precast Association (ASPA) underwent a rebrand in 2017 to bring its brand identity in line with the other associations across the British Precast family. The new name and brand for the group is British Precast Architectural and Structural (BPAS) will appear on communications and publications from this point forward. As part of this exciting opportunity to increase brand awareness the association committed to revamping its newsletter and these are now be published quarterly.

Offsite architectural and structural concrete solutions range from whole building and structural systems, to precast construction components including walls, stairs and cladding. They can be of bespoke design or standardised components offering the opportunity for creativity and efficient construction best suited to the project criteria.

Through the early involvement of a precast manufacturer, who will have considerable expertise, projects can reduce cost and maximise value in the construction phase. The use of architectural and structural precast concrete can deliver:
  • Reduced programmes of work on site and increased speed of construction
  • Improved health and safety on site
  • Reduction of waste on site
  • Fire resistance
  • Whole building savings including carbon

The product group continues its PR campaign with a wide range of articles and features in industry magazines covering a range of projects. BPAS recently attended the Offsite Expo and contributed to the publication of the Concrete Centre ‘Offsite Concrete Construction’ guide.

Members of British Precast Architectural and Structural have completed the Code of Practice (CoP) for Safe Installation of Structural and Architectural Precast, which merges two earlier Codes of Practice originally developed over 15 years ago. The highly anticipated code is expected to be published this year.

The revision of the main architectural precast cladding standard BS 8297:2017 was published in late 2017, providing assurance of the quality of product produced by members of BPAS.

As part of its commitment to sustainability the association has produced three Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) covering architectural cladding, brick-faced cladding and structural precast products. The EPDs have been published and can be found on the British Precast website alongside the full range of British Precast product EPDs. The EPDs results show an embodied carbon result for architectural cladding and structural precast which are both significantly lower than values widely quoted in industry now dated construction industry publications.

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